The Morning Zoom Walk


Hello and welcome to The Morning Zoom Walk.

A number of friends – particularly those in Victoria – have told me that they are feeling a bit flat at the moment. The COVID-19 isolation is starting to de-motivate them and it seems the mainstream and social media channels are doing their best to highlight the negatives.

And so … every weekday morning, I’ll be going for a walk at 7:00am (Geelong time) and will start a Zoom call. Anyone can join the conversation … just join The Morning Zoom Walk Facebook Group and click on the Zoom link in each morning’s post.

To enhance the positivity of the chat, there will be a topic of conversation each day. More often than not, it will be asking people to tell us about their “favourite something” (e.g. favourite pub, favourite movie, etc). Each topic will be posted in the MZW Facebook Group the night before so you can have a think. Each person on the call will be asked to tell us their favourite thing in each category and why.

Where possible, it would be great to have the conversation while walking the streets of wherever you are – that combines a walk and a talk before work / non-work and gets you daily exercise out of the road early. If we have meteorological inclemency, we will still do the call but it might be from the warmth and dryness of our homes.

So, dust off your favourite walking shoes, invite a couple of friends to join the FB group with you and let’s get this thing happening.

PS: If you are going to embrace the “walk” part, please make sure that you have sufficient data allocation on your phone to cover the call. We’ll encourage people to use video on the call but will understand if people want to just use audio.