Podcasting is quickly becoming the choice of many businesses, organisations and individuals who want to promote their products, their hobby and/or their interests. Podcasting allows the presenter(s) to engage with their audience in an on-demand and easily accessible format, typically via the device most people carry around with them all the time - their mobile phone.

Neil is currently hosting a number of podcasts including:

  • WOWpod - the Words of Wisdom podcast. Easy-to-listen-to conversations with everyday people, discussing some the wisdom that each guest has accumulated during their lives. 
  • Untypical Thoughts - short and sharp business focused episodes that align with the services provided through Neil's business Untypical.
  • 2 Blokes Chatting - this podcast started out as a weekly podcast and evolved into a weekly radio program. During 2020, the podcast episodes have been recordings of interviews presented live on The 2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show.
  • The Smallbiz TV Podcast - the audio version of Smallbiz TV. Smallbiz TV provides an opportunity for small businesses across Australia to create affordable video and audio content.
  • The Regional Leadership Podcast - interviews with graduates and supporters of programs conducted by Regional Leadership Australia.
  • The Irrigation Channel - a podcast on behalf of the Irrigated Cropping Council, featuring interviews with irrigation experts and researchers.

Neil is able to work with individuals and organisations through Your Podcast, a product of Untypical Media. Regardless of whether you are looking to learn more about podcasting or simply want your podcast created on your behalf, Your Podcast is a great starting point.

For more details about Neil's podcasting activities, please visit the relevant pages by clicking on the links above or get in touch via the Contact Neil page.