Top 30 Countdowns

Everybody has an opinion on just about everything and, seemingly, there is some degree of entertainment in counting down those lists.

So, as part of my Radio Ga Ga radio program, I have decided to develop a series of Top 30 Countdowns. Each one will be my opinion and will be based on how much I like the song, how it performed against the countdown category and, basically, how I’m feeling when I develop the list.

To enable me to have an Honourable Mentions post for each countdown plus the thirty songs, released one per day throughout a month, these countdowns will only occur in months that have 31 days in them.

Chart statistics and, therefore, in many cases, the criteria used for inclusion or otherwise, are based on the very excellent book The Book: Top 40 Research by Steve Scanes and Jim Barnes. Whilst there are several books to choose from, I have used this one and will do so consistently throughout all countdowns.

Top 30 Beatles Songs

Presented in October 2017

In this countdown, I do the impossible and list my favourite 30 Beatles songs. How do you separate so many of the great songs that the Fab Four recorded and released? There are some that you’d expect to find that I have chosen not to include. There are some that were included that will surprise you!.

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Top 30 Songs That Never Made The Charts

Presented in August 2017

In this countdown, we acknowledge songs that are really well known and yet didn’t make the Top 40 in Australia. The rankings are based on a combination of how much I like the song and the level of surprise you might feel when you realise that the song wasn’t popular enough to hit the Top 40.

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Top 30 One Hit Wonders

Presented in July 2017

You would be surprised as to some of the artists who appear in this countdown – artists that were seemingly very successful in their time and yet only managed to sneak into the Australian Top 40 on one occasion. This is a celebration of those one-hit wonders!

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Top 30 Australian Songs

Presented in May 2017

In this countdown, I am listing my favourite Australian recordings. One or two of them didn’t quite make it to the charts but are worthy of inclusion. One or two of these “Australian” recordings are from New Zealand but in true Australian style, if they are any good, we’ll claim them.

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Top 30 Songs Of The 1960s

Presented in March 2017

I decided to kick off with a relatively easy one to define – songs that charted in Australia during the 1960’s. This was an amazing decade starting with the simple tunes of 1960 through to 1963 and, post-Beatles, ending up with some very complex recordings as we moved into the 1970’s.

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