Business Owner

In 2011, I decided that it was time to take the big leap of faith and set up my own business consulting company, after having worked as a sole trader and contractor for a number of years. The company – XERA – was established on 3 August 2011 and since then we have been successful in establishing four brands.

Xera Consulting

Xera Consulting and our associated recruitment brand, Xera Recruitment, were established to be an alternative to the plethora of consulting firms – large and small – that just seem to be more and more of the same. At Xera Consulting, we work with our clients to eliminate pain points from their business through simplification and pragmatic thinking.

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The Biz Whiz

We also love working with small to medium sized businesses but felt that our Xera products and services were targeted more towards larger enterprises. The Biz Whiz has been established to create ideas that make your small business fly. Products and services that specifically address the challenges faced by smaller organisations, particularly those who, like us, are located in regional areas across Australia.

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There are so many different ways for businesses to advertise but very few that are actually designed to be visible where most people are looking – on their smartphone and other portable devices. Sure, web sites and search engines operate through smartphone browsers but none of these have been designed specifically to operate as an app. Geebiz is cost-effective for businesses of all sizes AND truly local (only focusing on businesses in and around Geelong).

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Our most recently established brand, Localbiz has been established to provide a vehicle for low-cost, community-focused advertising. Our first advertising platform is Geebiz but we have plans for many other communities based on geography and/or special interests. More to come in the weeks and months ahead.

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