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In October 2010, I published my first book – It IS Who You Know.

The art of networking is one of the most powerful, yet under-utilised skills available to people who are working hard to develop their knowledge and build their career.

In this book, I introduce some important networking concepts and then present easy-to-follow, pragmatic advice for getting out there and meeting people.

This is what a few readers have said about the book:

Jacinta McNena (Director & Principal Coach at Insight Partnership Group)

“I think it’s a great read. I found it to be full of good advice and practical tips. In my view, it is well written and covers a wide range of relevant topics. I think it is particularly relevant to the graduate/young professional market – I think that your content is highly relevant to this demographic. Sadly, I think the skills and knowledge areas you highlight in the book are not passed on as much now through the more traditional ‘on the job’ coaching and mentoring processes.”

Craig Waldon (General Manager at CaseWare Australia & New Zealand)

“I have enjoyed reading “It IS Who You Know” and congratulate you on the book. I found it easy to read with plenty of good tips and tricks for me to use. As for who should read it, well – I think everyone. From those looking for that first job to start their new career, to those looking to change careers; from those looking to enlist some support for a project at work, to those looking to generate bigger change. Leading a team or running a business, there is something in there for you.”

Carly (recent graduate from Monash University)

“This book is an easy read and keeps the perceived “scary” concept of networking a simple one – that is, it is all about building and maintaining relationships. We do this in our every day life however we do not always think about it under the heading of networking. By reading this book, it is a great reminder that you don’t become a business executive and then look to build relationships, but rather you build relationships to assist you in becoming a business executive”

It IS Who You Know is now out of print and so, instead of getting more printed, I am happy to provide electronic copies – suitable for most standard e-book readers – for free via this web site. The file is in the open source epub format – simply download the file and add it to your reader.

Click here to download your FREE copy of It IS Who You Know by Neil Butler.

NOTE: For Kindle owners, the epub file type needs to be manipulated before you can use it. If you are a Kindle owner, you can still purchase the book in Kindle format via Amazon for around US$10.